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We encourage transparency and building trust towards our clients. To demonstrate that, we would like you to know more about our devoted and exuberant team in words. Here is an overview of our passionate team.

head of operation, pixelette technologies


Leaders wield enormous influence over their team consequently, making their role most significant. Temur Khan has been an irreplaceable asset for the company since the beginning, mentoring hundreds of employees and ensuring smooth achievement of operations daily.

With an IQ level of 142, Temur Khan has been extraordinary since school. He completed his degree from Oxford University on scholarship at a very young age. His brilliance made life much easier for him and allowed him to observe everything with attention to detail. Although, Temur Khan comes from a business background but consumes insurmountable knowledge of marketing and graphics.

He mastered marketing skills with experience in 11 countries around the globe. Worked with the best of minds in China, Russia, and Japan and devoured knowledge non-existent to others. His eye for art gave him a cutting edge in understanding the graphics like none other. At this young age, he has accomplished milestones beyond other people’s imagination.

Working with multi-billion corporations gave him an understanding of how to help businesses grow. He has been implementing that at Pixelette Technologies, and his skills reflect on our success story today.

Alex Wong

Director of data analytics and ai

A sense of extracting data and turning it into something most of us can’t even imagine using Artificial Intelligence.

Ali Butt


Young, Smart & Intelligent. Specializes in interpreting and analyzing data to predict future trends.

Antonio Francisco

Machine learning and data scientist

For a long time, part of our team with immense knowledge of machine learning, and he has put that to good use!

Quinn Sowa


Committed and determined to maintain seamless workflow and ensuring a conducive working environment.

Ted Clark

head of call center

With tons of experience, he has developed his team into a strong and noisy bunch of customer representatives.

Matthew Richards


A master of programming languages, representing a confluence between software engineering and data science.

Charles Reed


A valuable asset for the company, helping our clients grow exponentially with organic SEO success.

Sara Adam

executive editor

Communication and collaboration. Conceptualizing ideas into reality using a rational cognitive process.

Juan Esteban Arnal


Latest addition to our team, revamping our strategic and operational outlook to compete among the best.

Barik Ahmed

digital marketing strategist

Executing and managing online marketing strategies for us and our clients across multiple platforms.

Bruno Mariano

head motion designer

Professional of the highest caliber with an unmatched talent to use visual effects and animations to bring life to their creations.

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