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Introducing Pixelette, the Customer Lifecycle Experience

CLX is a transformational customer engagement engine.

Designed to defragment the customer experience, Pixelette unifies and streamlines how brands acquire, support, and engage customers. Powered by smart digital customer acquisition technologies, a worldwide network of brand support & sales champions, and the most robust Customer Experience Management platform in the industry, Pixelette is optimized to drive end-to-end customer acquisition, engagement, and growth for the world’s most discerning brands.

Finally, a unified customer lifecycle suite. Sweet.

Multi-vendor headaches? Forget Advil -- get CLX. Embrace the seamless simplicity of the world’s first Marketing, Engagement, and CX powerhouse.

Clicks & conversions, connected at the hip.

Still waking up at 3AM worrying about your clicks and conversions? Sleep easy with CLX, the only unified platform with a PhD in Conversion Science.

People-perfect brand champions.

The champs are here! At Pixelette Technology, we’ve hired the top customer support & success specialists in the industry and put them to work driving customer engagement and revenue growth for the world’s top brands.

Keep your loves locked-down.

Pixelette Technology is a firm believer in happy, long, productive relationships. That’s why CLX helps you measure the health of your customer connections, track who is looking sideways, who is on the fence

Success Ex Machina.

Welcome to the machine. We’ve threaded dynamic A.I. and machine learning technologies throughout the entire CLX stack, providing an intelligent and informative data-rich layer for brands and their leaders.

No dramatics. Just advanced analytics.

Get smart. It’s time to anticipate consumer behavior and strategize for growth. CLX offers text analytics, business intelligence, and predictive lead .


Today’s consumer is more demanding than ever, and in the global market there are many products that are available to purchase we at Pixelette can offer a outstanding sales team to help understand and sell your products world wide, leading your company to a more profitable result.

Our call center and BPO  Services leverage the power of the worldwide web with leading-edge technology to provide unique and transparent communication solutions for businesses that require sales for their products.


To become one of the key elements of each of our customer’s reasons of success by offering them a combination of high quality and cost-effective outsourcing services which are unmatched globally thus, providing them a clear competitive advantage.

To provide opportunities to our team members, by offering them the freedom to excel and innovate, to achieve and maximize their personal potential and the confidence to believe that they make a difference.

To give back to the community we live in.

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